The Issues Of International Relations Essay

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“There must be all sorts in the world.”[1] Cervantes.
Besides Antarctica, few places on Earth are not ruled by a state today. Since the treaties consecrating the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, which ended the Thirty Years’ War, states have multiplied until they, now, cover most of the land surface on the planet.[2] As a consequence of these treaties, the Roman-Catholic Church started to lose influence. In the meantime, states gradually became the most important players on the international arena. States interactions have grown daily ever since. Mostly peaceful, these interactions regrettably often turned into conflicts, sometimes the bloodiest ones, even total monstrosities in some instances such as the two world wars. In trying to avoid reproducing the throes of WWI, social scientists undertook careful studies of states interactions and the resulting order, thus establishing the field of international relations. With the contemporary multiplications of intergovernmental organizations, transnational corporations and other global actors of importance, in additions to states, international relations is a flourishing yet busy field, and so is its corollary international politics. Indeed the interactions at the international level are not only multiplying but also diversifying.
Now, as aforementioned, since the Peace of Westphalia, many conflicts punctuated the evolution of the international order, culminating in the two world wars. But, because the Cold War did not lead to…

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