Essay about The Issues Involved With Lifestyle Enhancement Technology

1351 Words Dec 16th, 2014 null Page
With a technology that could potentially give parents the opportunity to specifically choose certain traits, both physically and characteristically, it is not surprising that many controversies arise. Biotechnology easily can overwhelm or make people skeptical, especially those who are unfamiliar with the technology involved or due to negative media opinions. The first area of concern for some individuals would be health-related issues involved with lifestyle enhancement technology. There are risks associated with genetic modification of any organism or with any experimental trials and new diseases may be introduced accidently. The process of genetic engineering itself might not work correctly. Choosing a specific gene and inserting it, may turn off a different gene. For example, you may choose to insert a gene for hair color but it turns off the gene for aging which would not be visible until the child is born. The insertion of genes also gives rise to potentially causing mutations. Germline therapy seeks to prevent a problem from happening in future generations and any unanticipated problems or mutations may be passed down if they occur. Another problem that contributes to this area of concern, is that there has been no experiments or trials on human embryos yet. It has only been conducted for small animals, not even larger animals. This leads to the fear of the unknown. Although germline gene therapy has been successful in small animals, people become skeptical on the…

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