Essay on The Issues Faced By Tfi Food Equipment Solutions

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Synopsis of the case
This case is based on the issues faced by TFI Food Equipment Solutions. Alex Pettes, who is the new president of privately owned industrial distributor (TFI). TFI is renowned supplier in Ontario and its head office is in Brampton. Alex is concerned about the national market for two new product lines; revolver by one-shot corporation and French fry machine by R-O International’s automatic respectively. Apart from this, the new products are manufactured outside Canada and he is worried about the distribution of these products.
There are some new prospects for TFI for reducing the threats by introducing the new products in Canada. Alex has some list of tactics for solving the company concerns. Alex is bothered about the decline of sales of company’s earlier product lines by Taylor and Henny Penny. However, the introduction of two new products can help the TFI for improving the overall growth. Alex has some different sales strategies for introducing the ‘Revolver’ and ‘French fry machine’. He is thinking to hire new salespeople to new areas in his first alternative, so that focus can be made on sale of new products but this can be expensive for TFI. In his second alternative, the relation with some distributors and earlier distributors of TFI will boost the sales, but the problem will be discounts given to sub-distributors will affect the margin on the products. Third alternative describes that manufacturer’s agent will increase the sales and reduce the…

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