The Issue With The Electoral College Essay

1237 Words Nov 15th, 2016 5 Pages
The Issue with the Electoral College Voting could be considered the most prestigious principle for the definition of democracy. The ability to vote for an official, governor, representative, or president has been a cherished one and has kept the powerful in check by giving the power to the people. In this modern generation, voting is not considered a privilege, it is a right, but there are devious loopholes in the fallible laws that have violated the rights of the majority of citizens. These loopholes have given the power of choice back to the hands of the powerful, and they do so through covert methods, some thought out and created by the founding fathers themselves. The fault rightfully shifts to the Electoral College. Once a proud entity during the early development of Colonial America, the outdated system of the college should be heavily revised if not omitted entirely from its presence in American politics. The first issue of the College, as mentioned above, is its obsolete modus operandi. One must do extensive research to find a logical reason for its continual existence. The Electoral College has seen plenty of change since the Founding Fathers created it, but its agenda has always remained the same, to designate the next president of the United States through a buffer of a few electoral votes per state. The idea that only a very small percentage of people would be able to vote, and restricting anyone else from that vote, doesn’t sound very democratic. That does…

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