The Issue With Limited Healthy Foods On Campuses Essay

1396 Words Apr 27th, 2016 null Page
The freshman 15, two words that bring fear into the eyes of all incoming freshman. The freshman 15 is an infamous saying, claiming that all freshman gain 15 pounds their first year in college. But this isn’t surprising, if you were to take a walk around the University of Texas at San Antonio campus, you would come face to face with the nation’s unhealthiest food choices, packed with high sodium, sugar, and fat. On campus, there are a few healthy options however, these options are usually not fresh. The issue with limited healthy foods on campuses is a problem because students are unable to live a healthy lifestyle.
Freshman are not the only students struggling with this issue, it also includes upperclassmen. There are a few causes as to why college students seem to gain weight, one is eating late at night. Many college students stay up late completing assignments, and this would usually lead to a late night snack or more than one snack. These snacks are usually high in calories. Poor sleep habits and deprivation are another reason as to why college students gain weight. College students, especially freshman, have still learning how to balance the work load they are given, this often leads to students staying up later to complete these assignments. Other causes include, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and energy drinks, lack of exercise, poor nutritional skills and education (Janeway). Professor David Levitsky conducted a study of the weight gain of students at Cornell…

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