The Issue With Income Inequality Essay

1093 Words Nov 15th, 2016 5 Pages
The issue with income inequality is not one that is only a state issue, or a country issue, but of an issue that is a global problem in today’s society. It is embedded within our culture and also within the so-called “American Dream” like nothing else in comparison. Our world is ruled by Capitalism, the world’s top heavy weights are of capitalistic ideology and have structured their economies to run in said fashion. It is near impossible to eliminate income inequality in a realistic environment, however it could be done theoretically if everyone were to be on a “same page” basis with regards to how things should be done economically and socially among other things as well. One cannot eradicate income inequality, however one could lower such margins found in society today. One piece to solving this dilemma is to empower others to work and figure out a new lease on life instead of just handing cash to them and saying here you go, stop being a liability. “The goal of any such program should be to train the worker to transition to a new job, rather than to simply provide cash benefits to allow them to meet their basic needs. People are an asset, not a liability.” As soon as we start teaching people how to fish instead of handing them the fish from a global stand point, we will have more people who are adding to the economy instead of people continually sapping away from the economy, having a skill to do a job is highly marketable to most employers, being able to give this…

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