The Issue Over Drug Legalization Essay

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The policy on drugs in the United States has profoundly changed over its course of history. The dispute over drug legalization has caused a primary concern that has become an issue over government policies and regulation, and the moral and societal input on what is acceptable and inacceptable. Drug policy should be taken into account under two conditions, first should be how drug is being influenced by our society, and second should be on how drug is influenced on our society. These two aspects are very important and represent the relationship between the use of drugs, the criminal system, and our vast community. The drug policy has been in our history for quite some time, and is what the public desire, but at this point, there has been a concern over what is right and what is wrong, hence the influenced the future creation of opinions. The purpose of this research paper is to summarize the history of our American drug control policy, observe an issue that has been an concern over several years which is the legalization of marijuana, and to study how current drug control policy influence the people of today.
Before we get into the history of drugs, we have to understand the term for it. The definition for the term drugs would be “a medicine or other substances which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body”. Today, when people are thinking about drugs, they would immediately think a variation of illicit drugs, but would disregard the…

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