The Issue Of Women And Domestic Violence Essay

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In this essay, I will be critically analysing the issue of women and domestic violence in the United Kingdom. The four different countries that make up the United Kingdom (Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England) all change their own domestic violence approach based on which policy they think that is best suited for their country. (Matczak, Hatzidimitriadou and Lindsay, 2011). Domestic violence is often described as any violent or aggressive behaviour within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner. Though in march 2013, the home office introduced an extended definition to what domestic violence and abuse means by adding ‘’young people aged 16 to 17 and coercive or controlling behaviour’ (House of commons, 2016) to be used across the government when dealing with issues regarding domestic violence. The purpose for the extended definition is to make people aware that domestic violence does not only happen to adults but also to young people, for example the 2013/14 Crime Survey of England and Wales also known as CSEW found that, overall, 28.3% of women (an estimated 4.6 million women) have experienced domestic abuse since the age of sixteen. (Women’s Aid, 2015), Females who have also witnessed IPV as children are at three to four times increased risk for becoming victims of emotional IPV and four to six times greater risk for experiencing physical IPV (Bensley et al., 2003). Domestic violence usually occurs in different forms, the different forms of…

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