The Issue Of The Voting System Essay

1083 Words Nov 14th, 2016 5 Pages
As a Democrat, I must say this election was a huge let down for myself and I feel for this country, however, I do believe that because of the turn of for this election year, American has sparked a flame under make voters and unregistered voters the severity and the importance of our vote and out voice. In time, I do not double the younger generation will push our government to make changes for our future.

Voting in American seems to always have obstacles to change and over come for the people. It’s unfortunate that Western Europe has a larger turn out than the Untied States does, however when the reasons as to why there is a lower turn out, it tells a sad truth to the flaws in our voting system. In our Souther States, “[we] have more poverty and a tradition of more restrictive registration laws…both factors are associated with lower voting rates” (We the People pg. 223). The government is not taking care of it’s people to which is governs, in return we are being negatively impacted during election year. We the People goes on to say that “a large immigration population is also associated with lower turn out…” (223). On a nation that was born with the motto of welcoming immigrants, it’s baffling to know that are seeing a voter decline because we aren’t taking care of the people who are the back bone to this nation. When it comes to the issue about why some Americans vote while others don’t We the People states that it has to contribute to social class, age and civic…

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