The Issue Of The United States Essay

833 Words Oct 30th, 2016 4 Pages
This project made me mad and confused most of all about the thoughts of my classmates and it has gotten to a few key issues as far as I am concerned about the election this year. The first of which is that many people seem to be unwilling to show who they support, secondly is that few people can see the larger picture as far what each candidate has done or can do, and finally party politics have come to encapsulate most Americans.
As the project started in the class that day one thing stood out. The thing that so odd to me was that there were no Trump supports. Everyone went to Hillary’s side or the natural wall. Which was extremely odd to me as I had heard a few individuals say that they supported Trump over Hillary, but no one was brave or principled enough to say their support for Trump out right, and of course the same could be said about some of the Hillary supporters who would not pick a side. This, beyond confusing me, made me mad. That those who support a candidate would not pick the candidate that encapsulates the same would view as them, or that they would not pick the one who they thought that they could run the country the best. One other thing made me even angrier and that was that when the debate started many of the people who talked in class voiced issues with the candidates that were mostly unimportant when it comes to running a country.
This issue was more on the Trump side of the room then it was on Hillary’s side. Many of the Trump supporters’ points…

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