The Issue Of The Police Officers Should Have Responded Essay

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A fourteen-year-old female juvenile, living in Illinois, was in an altercation with the Intended Target over a former boyfriend. Unfortunately, the altercation left the Intended Target’s friend, the Victim also fourteen, dead. Two weeks prior to the incident, the Offender was jumped and beat up by a group of girls that included both Victim and Intended Target. Intended Target threatened Offender the day of the event with a message indicating she was going to die. In preparation of retaliation against the Intended Target, Offender was handed a gun by her uncle. She was further provoked by her aunt who quoted, “shoot the bitch [Intended Target].” However, the gun did not harm Intended Target. The bullet only grazed her arm. Sadly, the Victim was shot in the back and died. Since this case is currently pending in Cook County, Illinois, it is appropriate to address the possible causes of the Offender’s behavior. In addition to Offender’s behavior, the discussion of how the police officers should have responded to the scene, whether or not the juvenile should be charged in juvenile court or adult court, along with her possible sentencing will be addressed.
Part One: Explanation of Behavior When analyzing an offender there are two schools that can explain their behavior, Classical School and Positivism School. Classical School views humans as having free will and the ability to make rational decisions. For example, Classical School will say Offender deserves punishment for the…

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