The Issue Of The Freedom Act And Why It Replaced The Patriot Act

1212 Words Nov 13th, 2015 null Page
The United States of Americas’ Congress have decided to go ahead and pass the Freedom Act of 2015. Researchers tell us that it will be good for America, However, opponents of this law have stated that it does not do enough to provide certain protections to the people of the United States People that have been for the law have said that it strengthens measures already in place across the board and able to protect U.S. companies from terrorism/cyber at bay, while also keeping the NSA (National Surveillance Administration). When the U.S. tries to gather information that it does not have access to legally, it can be a huge burden on the people and on the officials that are involved in this practice just sneaking information and materials straight off of the persons phone or personal computer. In this research paper, I am going to talk about the type of pros and cons of the Freedom act and why it replaced the Patriot Act, also, I will be talking about whether or not it is a good change for America or a negative change. The United States government for a long time has been trying to overreach its rules and tap and or look into Americans personal phone records. We have knowledge of this because of the leaks that Edward Snowden (Attiran, p.1) has leaked information regarding these practices (wire-tapping) to various newspapers around the world, including The Guardian, New York Times and many others. These leaks helped spread the light that the United States was spying on…

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