The Issue Of The Euthanasia Essay

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End of Life Choice
In the 2016 election ballot distributed to Colorado residents there is a section in regards to active euthanasia. The proposition asks if there should be a change in the revised statutes to permit any mentally capable adult who has a medical prognosis of death by a terminal illness within six months to receive a prescription from a physician for the purpose to end the individuals’ life. Colorado residents are able to buy property, divorce, and have an abortion, but are not allowed to choose when or how they will die. Today, euthanasia has become an international issue up for debate. The process of dying and what signifies a dignified death is different for each individual therefore euthanasia may be the right choice in certain situations.
Key Concepts
The euthanasia conversation can be dated back to ancient Greece and Rome. The meaning of the term euthanasia pertains to Eu meaning “good” and thanatos meaning “death” in Greek (Leming & Dickerson, 2010). Morphine was the initial pharmaceutical agent to be proposed for a painless death (Thulesius, Scott, Helgesson & Lynöe, 2013). Physicians realized the importance of a pain free death had become an aspiration for many. The topic did not become common in the United States until the late 1900’s (Thulesius, Scott, Helgesson & Lynöe, 2013). In today’s world, the word denotes a physician painlessly terminating the suffering of a terminally ill patient who wishes to end their life. In 1994, Oregon became the…

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