The Issue Of The Bill I Believe Best Serves Our Nation Essay

1614 Words Oct 23rd, 2015 null Page
I am proud to have been elected by you and excited to accomplish your desires. I have just received two bills revolving around National Health Care that have the potential to revolutionize the quality of life we have come to expect. The Second World War has ended and the United States will be receiving the spoils of war from the defeated countries. This means that even with falling income tax rates, this bill can still be funded. The 1930 's were wrought with terrible diseases and ailments that were difficult to treat and cost you more money than you had. With this new bill, I hope to reduce those medical costs and improve there effectiveness through government owned medical research facilities to combat the greatest threats to our health as Americans. The bill I believe best serves our nation serves to build six new Institutes for: Heart Disease, Eye Diseases, Mental Disorders, Diabetes and Kidney Diseases, Infectious Diseases, and Children’s Health and Development. In addition to these new establishments, the bill also authorizes a new, state of the art, Clinical Care Center which will focus on discovering cures for diseases, research into previously unexplained medical conditions, and provide scholarships for your children that qualify and attend our great universities. These developments will provide new jobs for thousands of Americans in construction, the medical field, and in the sciences, thus creating a more financially stable country than we were before…

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