The Issue Of Terminally Ill Patients Essay

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“My husband had only hours to live,” says Jayne. “There was no personal space for us to spend our time together.” He would wake up in agony waiting for the painkillers to kick in again. The hospital staff told her that him coming home with her wasn’t an option as it would take too much organizing. And that is the story of how Bernard passed away: bed-bound, confused, heavily sedated, and in a lot of pain. He died in the exact opposite way that anyone would choose to die and this shouldn’t be the forced standard. Someone with such a medical condition or illness that will lead to suffering and the loss of his or her independence who wishes to end his or her life should have the right to do so legally with the help of a medical professional. The right to die is just as inherently vital as any other right people are afforded in our country and should not be pushed aside simply because death is difficult to talk about. Terminally ill patients shouldn’t be required to put themselves and their family and caregivers through such stress and suffering when the patient would much rather choose to pass away on their own terms. Arguments against such rights are unfounded and often based in personal beliefs or fear.
The right to die, the belief that a person is entitled to commit suicide or undergo euthanasia because it is a fundamental right that someone have control over his or her own body, is vital for the terminally ill who will likely suffer an agonizing death that will drag on for…

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