The Issue Of Teen Suicide Essay

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Teen Suicide
“Suicide the word alone catches a person’s attention, the truth is it catches everyone 's attention, but the actions that lead up to suicide go unnoticed,” (Bridgewater). Suicides definition is when someone willingly takes their own life. What a majority of people don 't know is that teen suicide rates have increased significantly over that last ten years. Every 13 minutes there are approximately one to two suicides in America alone, there are as many as one suicide every 40 seconds worldwide. Teens ages 15 to 24 have had as much as 105 suicides in the span of one day. With knowing this research has shown that males are more likely to commit suicide than females. The techniques between the two are extremely different, males are more likely to use firearms than females. With a tragic thing such as teen suicide you have to be aware of the signs and symptoms of suicide. The signs can be so small that you wouldn’t notice to as noticeable as saying that they are going to kill themselves many signs are ignored. When looking at suicide and teens who commit suicide there are usually something that is behind it and is the main cause of these feelings and thoughts. For every teen dealing with suicide there is a treatment and support groups for them to go to. Awareness is being brought to this topic as much as possible. Although teen suicide is not the leading cause of death in youth, it is a growing problem that needs to be addressed. Teen suicide rates have grown…

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