The Issue Of Teen Confidentiality Essay

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Teenagers are just like any other group of people. They laugh, cry, feel happy, feel sad, and want to be treated like adults. So it comes to no shock that they do actually get treated the way they want in the medical field. When teens have to seek medical treatment, most prefer to have everything be confidential. Some fear that if their parents are involved, they’ll interfere and cause problems the teen doesn’t know how to deal with, which doesn’t allow them to grow, mature and take responsibility like an adult. If an adult does interfere with what the teen decides regarding his/her health care, that teen is more likely to drop treatment in general – which could most definitely cause health problems nobody wants to actively deal with. Teen confidentiality in health care is vital because some parents interfere with the medical process, and it allows teens to take responsibility for themselves.
Teens are known to be very independent and want to deal with certain things on their own. Their medical information isn’t treated any differently. If a teen needs medical treatment, they’ll seek it – mostly only if their parent/guardian isn’t involved at all. These teens rely on confidentiality between themselves and the professional to be treated successfully. Unfortunately, parents don’t always feel the same way their teen does in regards to the teen’s medical information. According to a survey done in a specialist Adolescent Medicine Clinic regarding parental views of adolescent’s…

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