The Issue Of Staffing Of Police Chief Draper Essay

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Police Chief Draper, I understand the urge you have to combat immigration and I want to thank you for choosing me to help with find ways to deal with this issue. Immigration is a very grey area topic to address but I will try my best to explain why I select the topic I selected to help with the decision making on this topic. I want to address the issue of staffing needs. Yes I understand that you are already over worked and might be understaffed but this issue has a few different ways it can be approached to help deal with the immigration situation at hand. First, I want to explain the different way of conducting shift changes. Second, I want to address a technique used to control and evaluate small areas. This technique is hot spot policing. Lastly, I will discuss the approach of involving those citizens who are part of a security agency who have training and experience in law enforcement.
The hos spot policing is utilized to combat crime in a small geographic area or places. ( ID#8). “Through hot spots policing strategies, law enforcement agencies can focus limited resources in areas where crime is most likely to occur. The appeal of focusing limited resources on a small number of high-activity crime areas is based on the belief that if crime can be prevented at these hot spots, then total crime across the city might also be reduced.” ( ID#8). It is my understanding than we can use hot spot policing to combat immigration issues by…

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