The Issue Of Sex Trafficking Essay

1086 Words Jun 2nd, 2016 5 Pages
In 1863 Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery, but it has still not been terminated from the world. Even in the United States there are new forms of slavery rapidly growing. One new type of slavery is called sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is when people, mostly women, are forced into having sex with others for the profit of their boss. This is not to be mistaken for prostitution though as it is not by choice. Many times these women are tricked into situation that are difficult to escape or scare them into working for their “owners”. It is an extremely inhumane practice that is often overlooked by many but important to be educated on. Many sex trafficking cases take place when a women comes into a new country for a job. Her boss will ask for her visa and other legal papers as part of the “job” requirements. Once she hands over these papers, the boss has her under his control. Without her visa, social security card, and other papers, there is no way that she can escape control. She is trapped with whomever has her information. The boss will then send the women into the streets to sell themselves without consideration of their physical or mental health. If they do not make a certain amount of money per day, punishments can be very harsh. The men that pay to sleep with these women are not good people most of the time. There have been many cases where a young girl is found dead, killed after being used for sex. Besides death, there is also a high chance of these women contracting…

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