The Issue Of Rights : The Lgbtq Community Essay

871 Words Feb 25th, 2016 4 Pages
In today’s society, people tend to make their opinions known no matter the impact it might make on another person. Our society is also quick to judge which makes suicide and self-harm increasingly popular. A thing that makes someone different and unique can be brought down and destroyed by another’s opinion. This is extremely relevant when it comes to the issue of Rights. A question I like to ask is, who gets to choose who receives rights and who doesn’t? Is it right for murderers and child molesters to be released into society after a couple of years in prison with little judgement from society while a person who has gained the courage to express themselves is ridiculed into a depression and hatred of that same society. We live in a world with double standards and blind eyes; where it is better to fake it than show your real colors. The ones that know the best of this harsh judgement is the LGBTQ community. In every history class we learn of the hardships that minorities have been through. Different racial groups have fought for years to receive the same rights as the standard vision of the perfect American. This image is thought to be someone of pure Caucasian heritage, preferably male, of the upper working class, and with a pure relationship both with God and with his or her partner. Anyone who strays from this image is targeted and shamed by society. Though some racial groups and women have received better treatment with the modern age, harsh judgement is still a…

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