Essay on The Issue Of Residential Schools

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The members of Canada’s First Nation’s community are suffering at the hands of our past government and justice system. Looking at the issue of the numerous missing women, high rates of suicide and drug abuse and currently the reconciliation issue of residential schools. The policing of persons belonging to the First Nation community in Canada are not fair nor equal compared to the policing of other Canadians such as Caucasians.
“It’s (sic) could be a suicide, accidental, she got drunk and fell in the river and drowned who knows … typically many Aboriginals have very short lifespans, talent or not,” said the comments posted to the Facebook account of the police officer in question. These comments were made by a police officer from Ottawa, about Annie Pootoogook, a well-known Inuit artist whose body was found in the Rideau Canal on Sept.18. Comments like these prove that there is a bias in the police force towards persons belonging to the First Nations community in Canada and add to the belief that there is a racist attitude towards the First Nation community.
Another way to look at the result of policing is through imprisonment numbers, as criminals must be arrested first before being trialed and sentenced. The First Nations community is largely overrepresented in prisons. Looking at Ontario for example with the highest number of First Nations members, 188,315 according to Stats Canada, 9% of the provinces jail population belongs to the First Nations community and past 50% in…

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