The Issue Of Rape And The United States Essay

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In American society, 1 out of 3 women deal with the issue of rape and are facing double-standards surrounding victim blaming. In contrast to men, women often blamed for being in the wrong locations, wearing the wrong type of clothing, being around alcohol or drugs. Experts might say that the trend of blaming and victimizing women for crimes committed against them represents the overall issues of hatred towards the female gender in the United States. The offense of rape has been denied in our society over and over again for centuries. In fact, adding other physical and mental trauma of not validating a victim 's experience lends to making her feeling useless and unsafe. The blaming of a rape victim before, during and after the act of sex marginalizes her status in society.

On August 2008, a teenager named Marie was home alone one night after being up all night talking to her ex-boyfriend, she went to bed late that night as she usually does every night, not thinking today would be the day she would be traumatized by a stranger who appeared in her house. However, this person she thought was a stranger knew her very well. Marie did not know she left the side door unlocked that night before she went to sleep. Marie did not know this rapist or how long he has been watching her or what he knew about her. Later, that night Marie was suddenly woken up by a man in a mask standing over her, In shocked by this stranger in a mask, she quickly became obedient. Also to her being…

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