Essay about The Issue Of Racism : Racism

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The Issue Of Racism

“You’re a terrorist!”, is something that has been said to me many times to me throughout my life. “I can’t breathe!”, said a black man in New York with asthma who was put in a chokehold and killed by police even though he said it repetitively. A black male was shot and killed by a police officer while unarmed and surrendering in Ferguson. A french magazine group was killed for making fun of a holy figure of Muslims on their magazine cover. An unarmed colored male was shot multiple times while he was unarmed and clearly surrendering. There have been many issues of racism throughout the years. Some areas have it more than others. Many areas might not even have problems with people being racist to people who aren’t the same race as them. I have faced a lot of racism towards myself and others throughout the area I lived in. The area used to live in was a Hispanic/Latino area, and most of the kids did not know English, which caused them to be made fun of. I did not know proper English when I was young, and that caused people to make fun of me too. Some types of racism are, making fun of somebody because of color, race, or their accents.

I’ve seen many people throughout my life being verbally tortured because of being made fun of because of their skin color. I have also been one of the many people criticized are only criticized because of stereotypical thoughts. Others will be made fun of because of how they actually act. But, in my opinion, and probably…

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