The Issue Of Public Education Essay

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The final part is my analysis of those most affected by the cynical debate is the children, educators and parents who want the best education for children. One point that critics of CCSS point to is how the NCLB act and now CCSS will not improve the achievement gap (Wallender, The Common Core State Standards in American Public Education: Historical Underpinnings and Justifications). Closely related to learning gap and opportunity gap, the term achievement gap refers to any significant and persistent disparity in academic performance or educational attainment between different groups of students, such as white students and minorities (Rycik), for example, or students from higher-income and lower-income families. Denying access to funding resources to “minorities now comprise nearly half of all public school students” (Dickson), low income student families and educators are about as low as any politician can sink. The Conservative rights campaign to target Common Core may have some valid issues outside the thrust of this research, in particular assessments, but the turbulent methods ence and money used to fight a standard seem pointless. This political propaganda seems based on unfounded theories designed to confuse the general public and roadblock education innovation at any cost. This supports our analysis that the oppressive overreaching political debate has hurt the children and their education because there appears to be no positive leadership in promoting fairness or…

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