Essay about The Issue Of Prostitution Law

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Prostitution as a whole, along with its laws is changing and advancing within society. The workers are coming up with more advanced ways to carry out there jobs, as are law enforcement agencies. The Supreme Court of Canada has struck down the countrys’ anti-prostitution law based on a unanimous decision (CBC News, 2013, para.1). Parliament has been given one year to come up with a new legislation (CBC News, 2013, para.1). Valerie Scott believes that the new laws should be up to municipalities, not the federal government (as cited in CBC News, 2013, Sky’s not going to fall in). Alan Young states: "If the Harper government rewrites laws, they will fail and the next generation of sex workers will be right back here. So let 's not be stupid, federal government. Let 's do something progressive, actually.” (as cited in CBC News, 2013, Sky’s not going to fall in). The laws that are going to be put in place in the future need to first of make sex work illegal. Secondly, they need to be constructed so that lawyers and sex workers won’t be able to work around them. Scotts’ viewpoint is one that makes sense to me; every city is going to be different. We can’t be comparing cities that are the complete opposite from one another, and expect the same laws to work for them. The ways the cities are run is different, for example they way a city is policed would be different. Each law enforcement agency would have separate plans. For example, in Calgary we have several communities, some…

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