Essay on The Issue Of Politics And Voting A Big Deal

770 Words Nov 7th, 2016 4 Pages
I have never ever voted in my life and as a non-US citizen, I am not allowed to vote. Due to this situation, voting becomes uninteresting to me. In addition, none of my parents are into politics hence, there is no role model that guide us, me and my siblings, for the importance of it. I’m not saying that my parents do not care about politics, and how the government works here in the US, but since we are all non-US citizen they do not see the urge to make politics and voting a big deal. It 's not until I had a government class in high school that opened up these kinds of topics to me, how government works, politics, voting, etc. Moreover, taking this class really opened up my mind to these kinds of topics, especially voting. I would say that I am more engaged now than before. I used to ignore the topic about politics before but now I end up explaining to my friends how our government works and why they should vote. I am more comfortable now with talking about voting, because of what I learned in this class. Before, I used to think that I don’t have a choice but to just sit and wait till election is over, but after hearing other people with the same scenario as me, saying that I should not let my situation hinder me, and do not think that I can not do anything about this election, I realized that I can do something that can contribute to making a difference in this country. For example, I can encourage people who can vote to use their vote wisely, especially my friends that…

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