The Issue Of Police Brutality Essay

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How can you live in a world knowing that your safety is at risk by those who are supposed to protect you? The ever-present issue of police brutality is one of the most serious violations of someone 's human rights. Police have committed many unjust crimes that get swept under the rug and the officer gets a slap on the wrist. Beatings, shootings, failure to provide proper treatment, and fatal chokings are all examples of police abuse that happen in America every year. Although, it can happen anywhere and to anyone the most common area where these crimes are committed are highly urbanized areas with low income families. A majority of the people who live in these places are of color. Race is a huge factor when it comes to police brutality. There have been many reports of minorities getting arrested for minor offenses. Racial profiling is against the law and is unfortunately the reason for many incidents of police brutality. Statistically, black and hispanic people are targeted the most in these situations. Instances like Rodney King, Freddy Gray, and Michael Brown are all examples of police abuse with a minority as the victim. Police officers have more powers than the average citizen. They have the power to arrest, use deadly force and seize property. Many police officers have abused these powers, and when they do, you would think they would be fired and prosecuted, right? Wrong. In most of these cases, officers have only been suspended or given probation. This seems like a…

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