Essay about The Issue Of Overpopulation Of People With Mental Illness

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Solution Criteria Although people with mental illness who are involved with the criminal justice system require addition services, according to a study of the Mental Health Court of Indiana, nearly 13% of defendant did not receive addition services (Luskin, 2013, p. 259). This paper proposes three solutions to the nation’s issue of overpopulation of people with mental illness being incarcerated in its jails and prisons. These solutions dissect both advantages and disadvantages of applying its resolution to treatment and prosecution of persons with mental illness involved in the criminal justice system.
Proposed Solution One Mental health courts are beginning to develop across the nation. “Their existence rests on an assumptions that people with mental ilness get into trouble with the law because they are not receiving treatment or adaquate treatment” (Luskin, 2013, p. 255). This diversion program is a voluntary program that allows the defendant to committ to treatment for the exchange of a reducced of lifted criminal charge. The Marion Mental Health Court of Indiana is one of the oldest mental health courts in the nation (p. 255). To be accepted into their program the defendant must be referred by the court, lawyer, friends, family, mental health professional. Once referred the individal and their case is evaluated by a committed composed of lawyers form both the defense and prosecution and mental health professionals (p. 256). A requirment of the program is that…

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