Essay about The Issue Of Obesity By Roland Sturm Causes Obesity

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Health is a topic that everyone thinks about every so often. This could be because health directly affects a person. As a public health professional it is of great importance to understand current health issues to be able to assist those in need. Knowing what issues are currently affecting the general health of a population will allow health officials to have a better understanding on how to correct the issue. For example, the issue of obesity according to an article written by Roland Sturm causes more damage the smoking and drinking combined ( ). It important to understand that obesity is caused from certain behaviors that the society has accepted into the main stream population. Knowing why obesity has been creeping up into the mainstream society is a current health issues that must be addressed. Know how to address this issue and others that are current will help understand the direction that the general population is headed. Devices such as, computers, smart phones, video games, social media, are all activities that require no physical activity. This lack of activity produces people to become less and less active. Furthermore, the use of technology is facilitating the need to even leave a house. This is why issues such as, sedentary life styles, obesity, technology are of importance not just to the health officials but for the wellbeing of society.
Unit 1: promoting healthy behavior change
Everyone wants to make some type of change in his or her life. Now…

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