The Issue Of Nuclear Weapons Essay

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Trident is the UKs nuclear fleet, comprised of four submarines, equipped with ballistic missiles the have a range of 7,500 miles. The current missiles have the equivalent “killing power” of eight Hiroshima’s. The current generation of submarines will need replacing during the 2020s procuring a cost of £23.4bn; this figure will rise to around £100bn by the time decommission occurs forty years later. Do they serve any purpose?

Trident evolved from the Polaris submarine system, which was created to counter the nuclear threat posed by soviets during the cold war. Clearly this is no longer an issue however do they have any value in today’s world? The week claims “Nuclear weapons have guaranteed our security for generations. They remain the ultimate deterrent to any aggressor, and the best means of ensuring peace.” It’s easy to agree with the week, just look at how well nuclear weapons deterred Al Qaeda from attacking America (who have the largest nuclear stockpile in the world.) Look at how instrumental trident was in preventing the 7/7 bombings. I hope it becoming apparent that these obsolete cold war relics have almost no practical use in a modern society. The low level warfare in which the UK experiences today (Iraq and Afghanistan) makes Trident redundant. Indeed with the recent threat from ISIS, nuclear weapons are clearly not the answer to their destruction unless we intend to take out the rest of the Middle East with them.

Nuclear weapons are simply too expensive,…

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