The Issue Of North Korea Essay

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by side I realized they were complete opposites. One is saying that the EU is falling apart and full of corruption. The other is saying that the EU is strong and will endure. And again, I was shocked and disappointed that there was so little discussion of what effect all of this has the people of the countries. And even more so, the refugees that they debate about. These refugees are fleeing their dangerous, war-distraught countries and are looking for safety. The stories that they tell and the things that they heard are living nightmares. Yet, the countries they are fleeing to are only concerned in what bringing in the refugees will do to their country. The 4th podcast I listened to focused on the issues coming from the tension on the Korean Peninsula. North Korea launched their 5th nuclear test, which makes South Korea, Japan, and the intertwined countries outraged. South Korea is making it clear to its people that there are plans in place if North Korea were to launch a nuclear attack, but there is a serious question as to how much of that is true. In the meantime, there is a collision on the strategies of making peace with North Korea. The South Korean government recently withdrew from a huge joint industry between themselves and North Korea because of North Korea’s behavior. Many in South Korea believe that it was the wrong choice because they believe the only way to free the people of North Korea is to let them see that there are better lives right across the border.…

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