The Issue Of National Security Essay

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National Security is a very important issue in the United States. September 11, 2001 was a day that changed America and the way Americans live forever. The sense of security we all held in our homeland was torn away in an instance, and we learned the hard lesson about our vulnerability on our own soil. The attacks by the terrorists changed the way we travel and the way we feel about certain citizens. Travel hardly resembles what it was before 9/11. Passports are now required to enter and return from Canada and Mexico. Air travel has changed drastically with baggage and passengers being screened at all airports in the United States. Simple things such as nail clippers or files as well as many other things are no longer allowed on flights. The Transportation Security Administration was formed to conduct these airport security features. Pat downs and full body scans are now the norm for air travel. As with many other government programs there are vast claims of abuse and infringement of rights. Americans are patience people, and they have accepted or learned to deal with most of these new security measures in the name of safety, but there is a limit to tolerance when liberty is concerned. Revelations leaked from an analyst working for the National Security Agency alarmed many Americans. Edward Snowden revealed that the United States government through the National Security Agency intercepted phone calls and stored that information worldwide including information of…

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