The Issue Of Moving Away From Her Friends And Family Essay

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Beth didn’t find the prospect of moving away from her friends and family-the former being scarce, but present-very appealing, but there really wasn’t much of a choice. She had gotten a full scholarship to her first choice university, and that wasn’t something she was in the position to turn down. Her dad shed a few hastily wiped away tears at her departure, but neither of her siblings were too torn up to see her leave. Both her sister and brother found her to be snooty and irritating, which, of course, isn’t exactly the sort of thing that is verbally exchanged, but they made it perfectly clear without having to state it outright. Beth was the favourite. Beth was oh so pretty, and Beth was oh so smart. Wasn’t it great Beth made valedictorian? Beth got a scholarship! Beth this, Beth that-nothing was ever about them. Of course their overinflated egos would never dare to admit these things, even to themselves, but those suppressed feelings came out in poorly constructed snark and passive aggression. Despite the lack of reciprocation, Beth loved her sister and brother dearly, and would be sad to move away. She would miss her father the most though; he tried desperately to understand her, which is more than most bothered with. The two were very close, and it made their separation quite difficult. Beth had even offered to attend the local university and stay at home, but her father had recently been laid off from work and didn’t have the means to support her and her…

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