The Issue Of Mass Incarceration Essay examples

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Michelle Alexander pours out everything from beginning to end within this book. There was nothing that was off limits when she enlightened her audience about the prevalence of the mass incarceration of our African American men that still affects our society. Alexander argues several points and introduces concepts that we still face today. One of these arguments includes the argument with the war on drugs and the systematic issue of mass incarceration being a continual issue that operates on the biases of colorblindness. The essence of her arguments are captured in the concepts within three chapters of her book. These meaningful concepts include: The Round Up, The Conviction, and The Label which all lead into The New Jim Crow. Even though the book was written in 2010, these same issues that she stresses and exaggerates still find their way back into our society years later.
The unreasonably large incarceration of African Americans stems from a combination of poor government legislature and malignant social beliefs. With the mass incarceration of African Americans it crates factors that highlight the oppressive and the hidden cycles within the old and new Jim Crow American History. These men have fallen victim to this system that was designed for them to fail. Alexander states: “We have not ended racial caste in America; we have merely redesigned it” (Alexander p.2). This quote illuminates the fact that America has never ended the racial caste system because America still…

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