Essay on The Issue Of Legalization Of Prostitution

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Of all the various justifications that circulate for legalization or criminalization of prostitutes, many of these sensitive point of views and philosophies are largely based off moral beliefs. To many, this type of service exchange for consensual commercial sex is considered immoral and for this reason it has been made illegal, but it is crucial to acknowledge that this type of regulation brings many downfalls, and the legalization of prostitution does indeed come with many benefits, enough to outweigh all of society’s disapproval. Legalizing prostitution means fewer sexually transmitted diseases, saving important police resources, and most importantly protecting sex workers from violence.
The act of legalizing prostitution will make sex workers healthier. States the legal prostitution can require them to use contraceptives and get test for any sexual transmitted diseases. Right now, Nevada is the only U.S jurisdiction that allows for legal prostitution. As Rayborn Jared mentions in a published report titled Regulated Prostitution As a Component in the fight against human trafficking in Oregon, “The Nevada Administrative Code contains regulations to which all prostitutes and brothel owners must adhere” (130). These regulation include that any person who willingly participates in a brothel must be checked regularly for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia, and clients must use protection. (131). These strict health requirements carries significant benefits. As shown, “In…

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