The Issue Of Law Making Essay

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Law making is difficult to do no matter who you are, even if you are President Barak Obama. To first get the idea off of the ground and rolling is very difficult. You have to find a member of Congress that will want to introduce your idea to others. It is easiest to have an idea with everything already written out and thought up before being given to a member of Congress. From here it becomes a bill. From this bill, it is then referred to a committee with jurisdiction over the issue. From this point on it is a long and sometimes tricky path that may end up with the bill ending. When the bill is with a committee, it is marked up with amendments that different committee members decide for it and voted out of committee once finally agreed upon. From here, a report about the bill is written up which includes history of the bill, the impact on existing laws, the intent of the bill, and the majority position on the bill. No matter if the bill is originally started in the House or the Senate, it goes through the same steps again in the chamber it was originally brought up in to see if the bill is ready for final passage to the other chamber. Once in the other chamber it goes through the same steps it did originally but the other chamber can receive, reject, ignore, or amend it before passing. Both House and Senate must approve on the bill and must either change or amend the bill until both chambers see it to be the way they want it. If it cannot be approved and agreed upon by both…

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