Essay The Issue Of Individual Privacy

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I find that individual privacy is something that everyone should care about and I fell that privacy is dying. Data collection is a big concern with all the new technology. A lot of big companies use data collection and ignore consumer privacy. But in some cases it can be good because it can help stop crime, then on the other hand it is a big invasion into are private lives. I believe it is wrong to track people by what apps they use, and social networks they sign up for.
Law enforcement is the Commission 's most visible and effective tool for fighting online threats, including those in the mobile marketplace. The FTC has brought four recent cases that illustrate how Section 5 applies to the mobile arena, including unsolicited text messages and the privacy and security of data collected on mobile devices. The unsolicited text messages is the one that interested me the most and shows how data collection can be used for the wrong things. In February 2011, the Commission filed its first law enforcement action against a sender of unsolicited text messages and obtained a temporary restraining order suspending the defendant 's challenged operations. The FTC alleged that Philip Flora used 32 pre-paid cell phones to send over 5 million unsolicited text messages to the mobile phones of U.S. consumers. Many consumers who received Flora 's text message which advertised mortgage loan modification or debt relief services, also they had to pay a per-message fee each time they received…

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