The Issue Of Illegal Immigration Essay

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“What makes someone American isn 't just blood or birth, but allegiance to our founding principles and faith in the idea that anyone from anywhere can write the next chapter of our story” - Barack Obama. Illegal immigration is thriving, but contrary to popular belief it’s not as bad as people may think. Being an immigrant sets nothing but obstacles in front of them, but they are strong and are ready for the challenge and the long road ahead of living in fear until they become a citizen and that 's even if they do. The question is are Americans ready to accept the fact that this is the land of the free , the land of opportunity and most importantly the melting pot for having a variety of different people/cultures? Will Americans see this as a way of going down hill as a nation or will they see it as an opportunity to make this nation not only stronger but better? Immigrants made the United States states and without the we wouldn 't be where we are today as a nation. The first immigrants in what is now called the United States were the pilgrims who were seeking religious freedom. Hundreds of people traveled on the Mayflower, though a few didn 't make it there was still some able to get to America well. They arrived on September 1620 and thats when it all began, the new world. They as well as immigrants today had a very hard time in a new place away from home. They especially had a hard time with the rightful owners of this land which are the Indians because as anyone else…

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