Essay on The Issue Of Human Rights

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“Human Rights!” Just the thought of this controversial subject immediately brings images and discussions to mind of topics such as sweatshops, equality, segregation, racism, sexism, human trafficking, and many others surrounding anything that involves or is inherently equal in all human beings. Examples may include issues of freedom, abuse, enslavement, imprisonment, and execution. The history of human rights extends to past documents as early as 600A.D. notated in the “Constitution of Medina” where various Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and Pagan religious groups were declared as “One Nation” by the prophet Muhammad (Wikipedia).
More recently, the topic of human rights has been identified multiple times in the media regarding Mexico and the various drug cartels’ involvement in murder and trafficking. One story that comes to mind is the recent controversy over the kidnapping and disappearance of the forty-three male students from Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers ' College where the official investigation discovered that once the students were in custody, they ended up being handed over to the local Guerreros Unidos ("United Warriors") crime syndicate and apparently killed. Based on many similar stories it is a reasonable argument that throughout Mexican history, human rights violations have continued and will continue to be prevalent involving Police, Military, and Political organizations.
There have been serious human rights related issues that have included police, military,…

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