The Issue Of Human Rights Essay example

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Argue for or against the normative claim that human rights are universal.
The topic of whether human rights are universal, will be critically analysed and debated, in relation to understanding what it means to have rights, cultures and moral perspectives in a multicultural world today. Human rights are necessary and can be divided into political and moral rights, which can allow a more open view towards accepting differing systems and traditions. However, this raises a few concerns, as to whether they can be considered completely universal. My standing point on this argument is that, human rights can universally share a few rights which are based on morals, however, political rights are difficult to generalise beyond borders since each country has its own governments and legal systems.

The terms human rights as fundamental, and universal are commonly phrased together, so meaning has been simplified. A human right is a claim that demands respect; dominates; gives structure to systems; is objectively valid; instils duties; and gives humans power to certain freedoms. The term fundamental connotes to legal rights being necessary to form the core root of society. Universal accounts for all people, cultures, religions and countries, where there is an absence of ethnocentrism and discrimination. These three terms put together is showing that human rights dominate over other rights when they can be applied on any human being regardless of disabilities, status or wealth. These…

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