The Issue Of Homosexuality And Homosexuality Essay

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What is homosexuality? Homosexuality is when a person, both man or women, has sexual desire or behavior directed toward of one’s own sex. Many believe this is wrong and these people should not be treated the same as heterosexuals. Others believe we are all the same and deserve to be given the same opportunities and rights. These certain rights and opportunities can be things like homosexuals being able to get married or adopt. The U.S. is a nation which is known for its freedom, influence human rights, and spread democracy. Although, the nation is still indecisive to allow homosexuals human rights to even adopt children. Homosexuality has existed ever since the human race was born, they exist in every culture and at all times in history. The societal attitude towards same-sex relationships has diverged over time, from expecting all males or females to engage in homosexual relationships, to causal integration, through acceptance, to seeing the practice as a minor sin, quelling it through law enforcement and judicial mechanisms. References to natural law still have an important role in modern debates about homosexuality in religion, politics, and courtrooms. Wide currents in society have influenced the ways in which scholars and activists approach research into sexuality and same sex attraction. This has led to the two sides of the argument which is if homosexuality should be given the same rights as heterosexuals or not. Same sex relationships have been stricken down…

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