The Issue Of Hate Crimes Essay

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American today tends to believe that we are in era where changed has been made. Yet we have heard in the news that violence has enlarged since Donald Trump was announced the President of the United States. We are in an era where white supremacy doesn’t hold back their opinions or expressed it through actions. Some of the examples would be of people who are target based on religion or race. In this paper I would establish what hate crimes is and who is the victim, who is affected in drug arrests. Furthermore, I would compare and contrasts demographics of two states for drug arrests. There has always being hate in our country but until recently active hates groups have escalated by 784 since 2014. Hate crimes are crimes that manifest evidence of prejudice based on race, gender or gender identity, religion, disability, sexual orientation or ethnicity. According to the FBI, in 1995 to 2002 approximately “66.4 percent of the 3,407 reported single bias hate crimes targeting blacks.” It indicates that since black are easily seen as gang member or danger based on color while whites come second with 16.3 percent. As reported by FBI Uniform Crime, in studies from 2001 to 2012 suggest that Jews are tail “66 percent” while Muslims were “12.1 percent” were founded on religion. It indicates that this country values have change because of people different views that is religion and race. For example, Michael Wade was white supremacist organizer that killed sic people in Oak Creek…

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