The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

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Imagine Black Friday shopping at the local mall knowing that people all around could be carrying loaded guns! Even though this may sound far fetched under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, citizens have the right to posses and carry guns. Was this the intent of our Founding Fathers when they penned the second Amendment? Doubtful, the Second Amendment was all about protecting the American government from both foreign and domestic threats (Truthout). Gun control is one of the hottest topics in water cooler discussions across America today. This topic is very polarizing. We hear and read about shootings daily, bad guys shooting innocent victims, shootings during drug deals, shots fired in self defense, police shootings of criminals, and lets not forget the shooting that occurs in war. Americans are bombarded with reports and images of gun violence from television, the press, and computer war games. Yet how many people have actually held a gun? How many have witnessed a gun used to either commit a crime or in self defense? The truth is most of us have very little firsthand experience with using guns as weapons. Even the vast majority of police officers have never exchanged shots with a suspect ( More Guns, Less Crime p.1). People on the side of gun ownership believe it is a Constitutional right backed by the Second Amendment. While those on the side of more gun control believe guns are the backbone of this countries crime problem. When…

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