Essay on The Issue Of Gun Control

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• The tragedy that occurred in 1996 was the Port Arthur massacre where a disturbed young man gunned down dozens of innocent people.
• According to this article Australia is similar to the US because Australia has a frontier history and a strong gun culture.
• Today the Australian gun deaths per 100,000 are under 1, this is one-tenth to the US this refers to all gun deaths, homicide, suicide and unintentional.
• Two of the 1996 gun reforms put in place were, making gun control laws stronger and uniform across Australia and had the world’s biggest gun buyback seeing nearly 700,000 guns removed from circulation.
• The three gun factors of owning a gun in Australia is, the applicants age, criminal convictions and (A) designed for killing or (B) highly coveted by people who should not have it.
• The Australian screening processes are to block gun access to dangerous or irresponsible candidates
• The requirement for gun ownership in Australia are, having a gun licence, subject to a 28-day waiting period, type of gun desired and what purpose, safety training, storage arrangements and a justifiable reason to have the particular gun.
In a paragraph, summarise the main idea of this article.
T- This article summarizes the significant differences in gun control laws compared to America. In 1996 after the Port Arthur massacre, Australia made stronger and more unified gun control laws.
E- Today in Australia the gun mortality rate is under 1 per 100,000, less…

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