The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

1905 Words Jan 11th, 2016 8 Pages
Gun control has been a big controversial topic for ages. With an increase in violence and the selling of guns reaching a high many people believe that the government should restrict the sale of guns to help prevent tragic events from happening. However, many others believe that the government should not restrict the sale and possession of guns as it would violate rights and not only increase violence, but prevent citizens from defending themselves if ever faced with a violent occurrence. Due to such diverse opinions this controversy will be very hard to resolve for both current leaders and future ones.

A big argument for the restriction on selling guns is the fact that crime rates could go down. With limited access to guns means less crime as most crime in the United States of America occurs with guns and after all a criminal would be perceived as more dangerous with a gun than without ("”). On top of that it would also reduce the amount of suicides caused with guns as well as restrict the danger of kids getting into guns and potentially causing harm to themselves and those around them. With death by firearms at an all time high the restriction of buying guns would help reduce the amount of people dying every day from firearms as well as prevent terrorist or those on the government 's terrorist watch list from gaining access to guns preventing what could have been a big tragedy ("On Terrorist Watch List, but Allowed to Buy Guns." ). The government…

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