Essay on The Issue Of Gun Control

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Gun Control is generally referring to laws and policies that can regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, that consider using a firearm. The act of Gun control took place in 1938, when the Federal Government was growing rapidly. Almost 200 years ago the Founding Fathers drafted the second amendment, in the process of it no one questioning whether the need of owning a gun was need it. Although Famers believes it was necessary for personal liberty. Although the second amendment was an act for the Gun Control the laws and policies were not as enforced as they should have been. Gun were sold over counters, catalogs, ship by mail, and exchange for anyone that was consider an adult all over the nation. It wasn’t till John F. Kennedy assassination in November, 22, 1963; a debate was taken place regarding to the concern of everyone being able to carry a gun anywhere. In 1968 the Gun Control Act was reacted for the purpose of keeping fire arms from those that are not legally in title to carry it for various reasons such as; age, criminal background or incompetence. Throughout history many countries have had Gun wars; whether it was the country fighting a war to protect their belief or an army of people trying to stop criminal from getting away. Guns have been around for many years; it has been updated as year went by. An article, “The history of Gun Control Part 1”, touches the key point on why Gun Control need to be in force for those that are…

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