The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

720 Words Nov 9th, 2016 3 Pages
Gun control in America is hard topic to talk about. Most people feel that if we get rid of guns that the problem with mass shooting and gang violence will go away, but in all reality, it’s not going to help with much of anything. The government and some people want to make it illegal for everyday law abiding citizen to have guns. This will only make us an easier target for law unbinding citizens. People that obey the law will not use gun for violence, but for hunting or protection from others. They follow the law to obtain the permits to get the guns and have the gun registrar in their name, whereas the people that do most of the shooting in mass shooting and other violence do not follow the rule to get a gun. If the law passes that we must give up our guns, the only people that will turn their guns in is the ones that are already obeying the law. The ones that don’t obey the law are not going to give them up, but keep them and use them in the same way they have been using them for years. In fact, the government has tested this law in Chicago and it has been proven that the crime rate has gone up and people are still killing at high amounts because they have no fear of being shot themselves. This law was not only tested on the small state level in the United States, but has also been tested in a whole in Australia. The government has also tested to see if everyone had a gun what would happen, in a town in Georgia the law is that everyone must carry a gun and the crime rate…

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