The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

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The Issue of Gun Control Gun Control is a problem because there is a lack of education amongst the people of this country regarding the safe use of guns and the role they play in our world today. In an article released by USA Today titled “Steps to Stricter Gun Control” it is assessed that, “Nothing will prevent another mass shooting like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The issue is lack of education...” From this quote, it can be suggested that with more insight regarding guns, gun control would be a much easier problem to solve. Many people do not understand the things guns are used for because it simply does not apply to their lifestyle. Many of these same people are unaware of the role that guns have played in the United States. In an article published in Outdoor Life magazine titled, “A Quick Trip Through the Second Amendment” it is concurred that, “Having just fought a revolution, the Founding Fathers understood profoundly that armed citizens were the last bulwark against tyranny.” In other words, this shows that the second amendment is a guaranteed right provided to the citizens, while other gun related activities such as trap shooting, or hunting are privileges. It is understandable for someone to believe that certain guns should be limited to trained personnel because it requires a certain level of safety and trust to allow someone to carry certain types of weaponry. The looming issue of gun control remains because of the many approaches to fixing the…

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