The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

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Gun control is a topic most American citizens do not like to debate about, but Ted Nugent a former singer and songwriter is not afraid of the topic. He is also a gun owner and supports gun owners’ rights. He claims if a country had a place where all responsible gun owner citizens lived there would be no crime, and if people mixed them with irresponsible gun owners who used guns for crime and harm that there would be a lot of crime. He explains in his own opinion, how it is a violation of our natural rights and against the second amendment, which states we have the right to bear arms as citizens. Gun control could be a necessity to keep people safe and there is going to be a look into this topic. Gun control can stop the crime rate tremendously. The amount of crime rate in this world continues to grow each day. Putting laws on guns can reduce numbers of crimes every day, but it most likely cannot stop all crime completely. Studies show that 40-45% of households of America own a gun and use it for defense, but in 2013 one out of every 285 Americans are killed by guns every year. The crime rate lowers as lawmakers put restrictions on the availability to the weapons themselves. The citizens often argue with the laws and regulations not understanding to what extent the laws and regulations do for individuals good or bad. For example, one regulation is restricting the availability as much as possible to keep the weapons out of the wrong people’s hands. People have been murdered,…

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