The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

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The issue of gun control has been one of national concern as the debate arises on whether the states should be the ones in control or the federal government. People of all ages have been reported to be in the possession of firearms all for different purposes. Statistics in the US reveal that among 100 residents, 6 of them own guns accounting for 80% of the non-military guns(ProCon,2015). Survey study indicates that in 2014 in the US, 68% of the murders committed; 14,249 in total were with the use of firearms (Karimu, 2015). Millions of Americans have been the victim of assault, robberies and other crimes involving a gun, purchased by people who never should have been able to obtain one on the first place. (Fact sheet 2016). The problem however is that states do not share the same opinion about gun control laws. Unfortunately, 31 states do not ban convicted misdemeanor stalkers from owning guns and 41 states do not force convicted domestic abusers from relinquishing guns they already own. (Everytown,2014) It is because of this that I highly agree that more government should be involved in gun control and that the federal government needs to take control of the situation if we want to practice equality for all and reduce crime. I will argue my policy based on the system theories and modern liberalism.

Why more government involvement with society is more effecting on Gun Control
Murder cases have been very…

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